1626 ejercicios de inglés (Bachillerato)

Gisela Alcón and Rosanna Rion

1626 ejercicios de inglés (Bachillerato)


Also Available in Catalan

New supplementary material for upper-secondary students

A new supplementary grammar book for upper-secondary students who need that extra revision and practice. Can be used to complement any upper-secondary course book or on its own.

  • Grammar explanations in Spanish to promote student autonomy
  • Numerous exercises in an easy-to-use and flexible format
  • Includes answer keys

1626 ejercicios de inglés

Level II

Present perfect

Present perfect continuous

Past perfect

Past perfect continuous

Future perfect

Future continuous

Las frases condicionales

Los verbos modales

El estilo indirecto

La voz pasiva

Las frases de relativo

Verbo + sustantivo /
pronombre + infinitive

Infinitivo y gerundio

I wish