Primary 1st, 2nd & 3rd cycles

Susan House & Katharine Scott

For the student

  • Student’s Book
  • Student’s Multi-ROM
  • Pop-outs / Cut-outs
  • Activity Book
  • Project Booklet for the 2nd cycle
  • Grammar and Writing Booklet for the 3rd cycle

For the teacher:

  • Teacher’s Book
  • Stick puppets
  • Class CDs
  • Resource Book
  • Story cards
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • Puppet
  • DVD
  • E-solutions:
    • Student’s Multi-ROM
    • Teacher’s Interactive Resources
    • Cambridge Young Learners Exams CD-ROM
  • An associated reader for each level from the Richmond Primary Readers

Sparks is a six-level course for primary school students.
Sparks offers an innovative two-pronged learning approach, working with both language and content-learning objectives. It includes Phonics, reading strategies and writing procedures.

The main focus of Sparks’ lessons is communicative. This allows for the enrichment of the class through numerous communicative activities and the use of recently-acquired vocabulary.

Sparks contains:

  • A phonics section in both the Student’s Book and the Activity Book
  • A CLIL Objective for each lesson with an explanation of the CLIL topic being developed
  • Lessons fully in line with the “Plan de fomento a la lectura”, with a story in every unit and related independent readers.
  • Basic Competences, clearly laid out in the Teacher’s guide.

Navegate through an enlightening Sparks Presentation.


Sparks digital course

Sparks Digital will save you lots of time. At the click of a button you can open any page of the Student’s Book and also have access to the corresponding sections from the rest of the components. Answer keys are only another click away.

See Sparks digital course

Programación de unidades didácticas
Sparks 1 (LOE) (Spanish)
Sparks 2 (LOE) (Spanish)
Sparks 3 (LOE) (Spanish)
Sparks 4 (LOE) (Spanish)
Sparks 5 (LOE) (Spanish)
Sparks 6 (LOE) (Spanish)

Sparks 1 (LOE) (Catalán)
Sparks 3 (LOE) (Catalán)
Propuestas curriculares
Sparks 1 (LOE) PC (Catalán)
Sparks 2 (LOE) PC (Catalán)
Sparks 3 (LOE) PC (Catalán)
Sparks 4 (LOE) PC (Catalán)
Sparks 5 (LOE) PC (Catalán)
Sparks 6 (LOE) PC (Catalán)