Beep New

Brendan Dunne & Robin Newton


For the student:

  • Student’s Book
  • Student’s CD and CD-ROM
  • Activity Book
  • Reader + CD
  • Pop-outs
  • Beep on Grammar (2nd & 3rd cycles)

For the teacher:

  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class CD’s
  • Teacher’s Resource Book CD
  • Posters
  • Flashcards
  • DVD
  • Activity Genrator
  • Puppet (1st cycle)
  • Storycards (1st & 2nd cycles)
  • Teacher’s i-solutions:
    • Teacher’s i-book
    • Beep CD-ROM

Beep is a new 6 level course for Primary Education.
Based on the guiding principle that all contexts and situations where our learners encounter the language should be meaningful and relevant to them and draw on their own worlds, both real and imaginary.

In addition to activities such as surveys, pair work and personalized writing, Beep offers an enjoyable experience for the students through songs, chants, stories and games. This range of fun activities caters to different learning styles and preferences and humour is always an important element at all points in the course.

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Programación de unidades didácticas
Beep 1 LOE (Spanish)
Beep 2 LOE (Spanish)
Beep 3 LOE (Spanish)
Beep 4 LOE (Spanish)
Beep 5 LOE (Spanish)
Beep 6 LOE (Spanish)
Programación de unidades didácticas (Castilla la Mancha)
Beep 1 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Beep 2 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Beep 3 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Beep 4 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Beep 5 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Beep 6 Castilla la Mancha (LOE)
Programaciones de unidades didácticas (Catalán)
Beep 3 Catalán (LOE)
Beep 4 Catalán (LOE)