I can!

3, 4 y 5 years old

Elizabeth Domoney
Series Consultant: Rebecca Williams

For Students:

  • Student's Book
  • Practice Book
  • Student's CD
  • Stickers

For Teachers:

  • Teacher's book
  • Class CD
  • Posters
  • Cut-outs
  • Storycards and Storycards CD-Rom
  • Puppet

Extra Teacher's Components:

  • Interactive CD-ROM
  • CLIL Booklet
  • Phonics Booklet
  • 3 Big Books

I Can! Is an exciting new three-level course for pre-primary which offers a fascinating opportunity to learn English through a variety of stimulating components.

It provides teachers with innovative and clear materials within a clear a well-structured programme. Specifically created for pre-primary children, offering activities for their particular stage of development. It takes them through three stages of language development.

CLIL Resources

  • Stage 1: Pre-production
  • Stage 2: Early production
  • Stage 3: Speech emergence
Programaciones de aula & Propuestas curriculares
I Can! 1 (LOE) I Can! 2 (LOE) I Can! 3 (LOE)