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Jim Scrivener

Series Editor

Hello! I’m Jim and I work as an ELT writer, consultant, teacher and trainer. I guess my main interest has always been on finding usable, engaging, practical classroom teaching techniques that encourage more learning to happen more often for more students.

I live on the cold, windy south-east coast of England in a rather beautiful, sleepy town called Bexhill. I’m married to Noémi and I’ve got two grown-up sons - Alex and Ben - a young daughter, Maisie and an even smaller son, Orlando. I’ve worked in many different countries, including two years in Kenya, three in the USSR and seven in Hungary. I’m a frequent conference presenter and course leader around the world.

I’ve written lots of ELT books, articles and activities over the years, including Learning Teaching (ARELS Frank Bell Prize 1995), Teaching English Grammar (HRH Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union 2010 “Best Entry for Teachers”), Classroom Management Techniques (HRH Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union 2012 “Overall Winner”) and Visual Grammar (Richmond 2013).

Why not say hello to me on Twitter? I’m @jimscriv .

My top tip for using Personal Best is……

When you are checking answers to a grammar exercise, once you get a correct answer from a learner, try adding a little “challenge” for the person who gave it to you. For example, “Good. Now tell me the sentence again from memory without reading it from the page!” or “Good! Now say it much faster with no pauses or hesitation!” or “Good! Make a new sentence by changing the last two words!” Keep this light-hearted and game-like (not test-like!)

Remember – when you are learning to use the language well, the correct answer is only the beginning, not the end.


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