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Elizabeth Walter


With my friend and colleague Kate Woodford, I’ve written a wide range of ELT materials including books on collocations and phrasal verbs, grammar courses, a guide to common errors, phrase books, and of course workbooks such as these two for Personal Best. We are also the authors of Richmond Vocabulary Builder B1 and B2. And you won’t be able to tell, but if you use Richmond’s interactive online exercises, many of them have been written by us too. We’re both really interested in grammar and especially words – in fact, we started out as dictionary writers, and we still love keeping up to date with new words and phrases coming into the language.

I live in Cambridge, UK, which is a small city with a large number of language schools. Doing supply teaching keeps me in touch with students from all over the world, and it is their faces I see in front of me as I’m writing. When I’m not in front of my computer, you might find me tending vegetables at our allotment, bending into improbable positions in a yoga class or travelling somewhere (rather slowly!) in our trusty old camper van.

My top tip for using Personal Best is……

Focus on words and phrases that are relevant to you – that ‘personal’ language is the language you’re most likely to use outside the classroom.


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