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Graham Fruen


Hi, I’m Graham. I graduated from the University of St Andrews with an MA in French and German, and have worked in ELT for more than 25 years. I taught children, teenagers and adults in Spain and the UK, before embarking on a career in ELT publishing. I published many successful primary, secondary and adult courses for markets around the world, working with some great authors. More recently I decided to move into writing myself, in order to further my passion for creating dynamic teaching and learning materials. I’m married with two children, and I live in Oxford.

My favourite thing about Personal Best is…

Vocabulary is key to communicating in a foreign language. One of the things I like most about Personal Best is that it has a really strong vocabulary syllabus, with plenty of opportunities throughout the course for students to use and consolidate new words and phrases. Recently I've been trying out the Personal Best app, which is a fantastically motivating resource for students to practise their vocabulary and grammar. But be warned – it's very addictive!


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