Our gallery will feature photos of Personal Best events from across the world and videos of Series Editor Jim Scrivener talking about the course and its innovative features. We’ll be adding lots of new material over the coming months so do keep checking in to see what’s new.

The pictures below are all from the recent Joy of Teaching conference held in Buenos Aires where we officially launched the British English edition of Personal Best. Take a look and see who you recognise, then scroll on down to watch Jim talk about Personal Best's 3xPractice feature and try out an activity for yourself!

Personal Best includes a unique 3xPractice feature which is designed to encourage students to play around with the new language they come across and experiment with forms and meanings, in turn ‘nudging’ them towards greater internalisation, memorisation and personalisation. In this series of three short videos, Series Editor Jim Scrivener invites you to do an activity from the course and then explains how you can exploit the same exercise again…and then again!