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We’ve tried to include as much information about Personal Best here as we can. We hope you’ve found it useful and that you’ve been inspired to download the sample pages and try them out with your students.

If you still have questions about the course, please check out our FAQ section below or drop us a line: our contact details are opposite.

We’d also love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions so please do get in touch, even if you don’t have a question! We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Contact Details

58, St Aldates
Tel: + 44 (0) 1865 792297

Find your local Richmond rep/stockist

Our main international office is in Oxford but we have people and offices all around the world who would also love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course be available?

The main components for the A1, A2, B1 and B1+ levels of the British English edition and the A2, B1 and B1+ levels of the American English edition are in stock in our main warehouse and available to buy now. The rest of the levels and components will be published over the next twelve months. A regularly-updated list of publication dates can be downloaded here. Please note that stock dates will vary from country to country so it's always best to contact your local Richmond representative to find out exactly when the components you want will be available to buy from your local bookstore. 

How much does the course cost?

Please contact your local supplier for prices in your local currency.

How much does the Richmond Learning Platform cost?

12 months' individual access to the platform is usually included within the price of your book. There are occasional exceptions to this though so please check with your local representative or contact us if you’d like to know more.

How do I access the Richmond Learning Platform?

You‘ll find a unique access code printed on the inside cover of your book. Use this to register at

I have an access code but cannot log onto the Richmond Learning Platform.

Please visit where you will find detailed information on how to access and use the platform.

How long will I have access to the platform for?

Your access code allows you to use the platform for 12 months.

There are no extra resources on this website: why not?

All of the extra resources for Personal Best are stored on the Richmond Learning Platform which is exclusively for users of the course. 

Can I order a sample copy of the course?

We’re happy to supply sample copies of the Student’s Book to interested institutions so please get in touch with your local Richmond representative or email us at, with details of your institution and the level you are interested in seeing.

Can I take a closer look at the Richmond Learning Platform, before taking a final decision on adoption?

If you’d like to see more of the platform, please email us at and we will arrange demo access for you.

Are there plans to publish an ebook version of the Student’s Book?

Yes. We’ll be announcing dates as soon as we have them so please check back here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest news.

Can the Personal Best App be used by someone not using Personal Best?

Yes, it can but it will make much more sense to a Personal Best student as it features images and audio from the Student’s Book and practises the grammar and vocabulary presented in the course.

How can I request a presentation of the course for my teachers?

Please email us at and we’ll pass your details onto your local Richmond representative.

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