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Personal Best American English Edition

Personal Best American English Edition

Category: Adult
Authors: Jim Scrivener (Series Editor); Bess Bradfield; Graham Burton; Sheila Dignen; Alastair Lane; Luiz Otávio Barros; Louis Rogers; Elizabeth Walter; Kate Woodford
Number of levels: 6
Levels: Beginner to Advanced (A1 - C1)

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Personal Best is our brand-new course for young adult learners of English and is all about recognising the needs of individual learners and giving them plenty of meaningful practice in English. It offers today’s busy students a wealth of different ways to learn so that they can practise their English however, and wherever, suits them best. Available in both British and American English editions, Personal Best offers 90-120 contact hours of material.

Key Features
Developed with award-winning author and renowned teacher trainer Jim Scrivener
Unique '3xPractice' feature to help ensure students can actually use what they learn
FREE student app for every level
Integrated video web show
Extended online practice activities for students
Complete assessment package for teachers
Training videos for teachers featuring Jim Scrivener and teachers from the Bell School, Cambridge