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English ID British English Edition

English ID British English Edition

Category: Adult
Authors: Paul Seligson (Series Author), Carol Lethaby, Cris Gontow, Tom Abraham, Camila Abreu, Luiz Otavio Barros, Elain Hodgson, Jose Luis Morales, Ricardo Sili,
Number of levels: 4
Levels: Starter to Intermediate (A1 - B1)

English ID is a four-level series for young adults with an emphasis on speaking both accurately AND fluently. It accelerates the learning process with a range of strategies that encourage students to express themselves and build their new identity in English. The material builds on students' existing knowledge of English and introduces new language through authentic texts and audiovisual material, including ID Café, a tailor-made sitcom-style video. With its user-friendly format, English ID is a highly flexible course which offers 80-120 hours of material. The British English edition also has split edition student books.

Key Features
ID Skills and ID in Action pages offer extra listening, reading and functional language practice in every unit
Cyber English boxes help students to understand the influence of internet language and texting on the English language
Flexi-lesson structure provides additional material for longer lessons
Review section at the end of every two units including games and activities
ID Writing section and Grammar bank at the end of each level
Use of YouTube videos and the ID Café
Wide range of native and non-native accents

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