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Identities British English Edition

Identities British English Edition

Category: Adult
Authors: Paul Seligson, Luiz Otavio Barros
Number of levels: 2
Levels: Upper-intermediate - Advanced

Identities is a brand-new course for adults and young adults which aims to give higher level students the tools they need to communicate with greater fluency and accuracy. The course combines high-interest topics with a rich vocabulary syllabus and a clear, organised approach to grammar and is supported by a wide range of online practice activities.
Identities can be used as a stand-alone course or as the continuation of the best-selling course English ID. It offers 90-120 hours of material and is also available in split editions.
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Key Features
Fun, varied activity types with extensive opportunities for personalisation
Rich vocabulary syllabus with lexical sets always presented in context
Make it personal section with challenging personalised speaking tasks
Full page of writing skills practice in every unit
Includes authentic video