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Category: Exams
Authors: Michael Downie; David Gray; Juan Manuel Jiménez; Bess Bradfield
Number of levels: 3
Levels: B1 to FCE

Syllabus: Download series syllabus

The Target series for teenagers is designed to develop students' abilities in all four skills and in exam strategies and techniques. Target B1 and B1+ combine interesting and age-appropriate topics with systematic vocabulary building and extensive language practice whilst Target FCE offers an effective route to exam success. The teaching and learning experience is enhanced and supported further by the interactive whiteboard software which accompanies each level.

Key Features
Full of useful exam tips and strategies to boost students' confidence and improve exam performance
Interesting, lively texts and topics to keep learners engaged
Worldbuilding focus in every unit to help train students for the Use of English paper
Flexible format - spreads within units can be taught in any order
Extensive Writing sections provide detailed writing support including analysis of model answers