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Richmond Essential English Course

Richmond Essential English Course

Category: Adult
Authors: Paul Seligson
Number of levels: 5
Levels: Beginner to Upper Intermediate

Richmond Essential English is a flexible five-level short course , designed for adult and young adult learners wanting to improve their English quickly. Essential English is ideal for intensive courses from 30 up to 60 hours and takes students from beginner to upper intermediate level. Its integrated Course/Activity Book and CD-ROM package make it the ideal one-stop component for learners whilst the Teacher's Book, resource pages, course website and Interactive Digital Book provide full support for the teacher. The comprehensive course website also provides a wealth of support, including downloadable editable tests, further activities and CEF mapping.

Key Features
One easy-to-use volume containing writing sections, activity book, phrasebook and grammar sections
Entertaining contemporary content and frequent opportunities for personalisation help students build skills and confidence for real life situations
Student’s CD, Multi-ROM and word bank encourage autonomous learning throughout
Self-standing, with built in recycling, revision and test materials for all levels