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New Framework

New Framework

Category: Adult
Authors: Ben Goldstein; Ceri Jones
Number of levels: 6
Levels: Beginner to Advanced

New Framework is an exciting six-level general English course which highlights oral communication, personalisation and debate through dynamic and authentic topics. The course provides up to 120 hours of material and takes students from beginner to advanced level. Included in the wide range of extra classroom materials is an interactive and regularly updated Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Introduced in 2011, the site allows teachers to assign tasks and monitor students’ progress, while students are encouraged to learn independently through blogs, videos and games.

Key Features
Developed in line with the Common European Framework objectives
Dynamic, challenging topic areas and authentic texts
Focus on natural English through the Real Thing and Takeaway English sections
Integrated "World English" DVD with authentic interviews for cross-cultural comparison
Reference Guide booklet containing further grammar explanations, vocabulary and transcripts
Emphasis on learner autonomy encourage through How to...learning strategies and Language Passport objectives
New Framework Learning Platform with trackable activities and Test Studio

New Framework Learning Platform