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Can Do

Can Do

Category: Secondary
Authors: Michael Downie; David Gray; Juan Manuel Jiménez
Number of levels: 4
Levels: Beginner to Pre-intermediate

Syllabus: Download series syllabus

Can Do provides a fresh approach to teaching English to teenagers over four motivating levels. Drawing from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, it emphasizes the functional aspect of language and gives students confidence by showing them all the things they can do in English.

Key Features
Explicit learning goals cover essential functions and skills
Clear learning cycles introduce, practise and extend the language
Stimulating evaluation tasks encourage personalisation of the language
Self-evaluation sections allow students to take control of their own learning
Photocopiable multi-level tests give feedback on students' progress and prepare them for KET and PET exams
Fun class projects provide essential review and recycling and encourage creativity.