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Spotlight on Literature

Spotlight on Literature


These downloadable audio files are designed for use with Spotlight on Literature. For each level in the series there is one downloadable ZIP file containing  four audio files in mp3 format. To download each file click on the level title. The chapters are listed below for your reference.

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Spotlight on Literature A

Chapter 1: The Story-Teller

Chapter 2: All Summer in a Day

Chapter 3: The Gift of the Magi

Chapter 4: The Lady, or the Tiger?

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Spotlight on Literature B

Chapter 1: From the Letters of Vincent van Gogh

Chapter 2: Poems

Chapter 3: Excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Chapter 4: Excerpt from When I Was Puerto Rican

Spotlight on Literature C

Chapter 1: Searching for Summer

Chapter 2: One Thousand Dollars

Chapter 3: The Seven Ages of Man; Life; O Me! O Life!

Chapter 4: On Women’s Right to Vote

Spotlight on Literature D

Chapter 1: Around the World in Eighty Days: Chapter XX

Chapter 2: A Sound of Thunder

Chapter 3: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

Chapter 4: Crime and Punishment

Spotlight on Literature E

Chapter 1: Myths

Chapter 2: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Chapter 3: Departure by Night

Chapter 4: The Adopted Son

Spotlight on Literature F

Chapter 1: Four Poems

Chapter 2: Excerpt from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Chapter 3: Eleven Sons

Chapter 4: Gate No. 12