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Feeling the heat at Radio Flame (Upper-intermediate)

Feeling the heat at Radio Flame (Upper-intermediate)

Category: Business
Authors: Alastair Lane; Victoria Boobyer
Number of levels: 4
Levels: Elementary to Upper Intermediate (A2-B2)

Key Features
You have been working at Radio Flame’s Scottish station for almost three years when you are promoted to station manager. However, you soon find out that this is not a dream move. You are in a ratings war with rivals Dubh FM. Your boss has told you that if you do not win the war, the Scottish station will be closed. Not only do you have to make Radio Flame a commercial success, you also have to adjust to being your former colleagues’ new manager, and you quickly discover that things are not always as they seem. You will find lots of useful business vocabulary presented in a natural context in this maze. As well as improving your English, you will find out lots of things about the media industry and how companies work. Good luck finding your way through the maze!