Richmond Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder enables young adults and adults to
develop their vocabulary in useful lexical sets, while also improving
knowledge of collocations and grammar patterns.







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Elizabeth Walter, Kate Woodford

 The Richmond Vocabulary Builders are two vocabulary books for adults and young adults, for use at home or in class. Each book is divided into 50 easy-to-navigate double-page units which present and practise vocabulary in context and also help provide help with collocations and grammar patterns. The code in the back of every book provides access to the Richmond Learning Platform where students will find more practice activities and teachers can assign activities to their students and create print or online tests. Available with and without key.

Typical lexis used in Cambridge English exams

Dialog audio with a mix of accents downloadable online from the Learning Platform

Vocabulary practice in personalized activities and online

List of articles in category Elements
Components Covers
Student’s Book with answers  
Student’s Book without answers  
Component  B1  B2
Student’s Book with answers  9788466815277  9788466815284
Student’s Book without answers  9788466815260  9788466815444
Download PDFs of sample pages.

Component  B1  B2
Student’s Book with answers  Unit 8
Audio Tracks
 Unit 17
Audio Tracks
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