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Richmond Readers

Richmond Readers

The Richmond Readers are a multi-genre, five-level series of carefully graded readers for young adults and adults. They range from adaptations of classic literature to original titles and can be used as a supplement to any main course or as a stand-alone resource. Highlights of this popular collection include our contemporary titles such as the Richmond Romantic Readers and William and Kate: A Royal Romance. There’s also the chance for fans of Sherlock Holmes to enjoy The Oxford Murders, an original mystery written especially for Richmond.

Level 1  500–600  A1  
Level 2  600–800  A2  KET
Level 3  1000–1200  B1  PET
Level 4  1400–1800  B2  FCE
Level 5  2000–2500  C1  CAE







Number of Levels

Elementary to Advanced

Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, John Davage, John Escott, Ann Gianola, Julia Newsome, Jane Rollason , Mary Shelley, Rod Smith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Jeremy Taylor, Mark Twain, Lester Vaughan and Oscar Wilde

A Floral Arrangement

Level 4
When Luisa goes to the luxurious Oak Hills to meet a new client for her flower shop, she has no ...

A Trip to London

Level 4
You are going to London for a short holiday. You will have to speak English.

A Trip to the Stars

Level 3
It is the year 2285. A spaceship has mysteriously disappeared. Your spaceship is sent to ...

Cold Feet

Level 3
The city of Rosca is preparing for a presidential visit when the body of a young man is found near ...

Craigen Castle Mystery

Level 2
Each of the courtyards in Craigen Castle tells a tragic story. When Ed and Joan go to visit the ...

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Level 3
Mr Utterson is worried about his friend, Dr Jekyll. What is the reason for his strange behaviour?

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