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Richmond Mazes (Readers)

Richmond Mazes

The Richmond Mazes are a brand-new series of interactive readers with a difference. Available as both apps and printed readers, they offer students a challenging but fun way of improving and extending their knowledge of the English language. Each one focuses on a realistic scenario from the world of work.
Each original piece of fiction offers students a series of choices, allowing them to steer their own path through the story and create alternative outcomes. They can win bonus points by selecting the most appropriate route or even be sent back to the very beginning if they make the wrong choice! The lively range of characters and surprising storylines will keep readers hooked for hours.

Download Alastair Lane’s top tips for using the Richmond Mazes.








Number of Levels

Elementary to Upper Intermediate

James Styring, Alastair Lane and Victoria Boobyer

Crisis at Clifton

Level: Intermediate
You have just started a new job at a fashionable advertising agency in Sydney.

Escape from Pizza Palace

Level: Elementary
You are a young graduate looking for a job. You want a career, but you accept a job in the ...

Feeling the heat at Radio Flame

Level: Upper-intermediate
You have been working at Radio Flame’s Scottish station for almost three years when ...

Trouble at Paradise Hotel

Level: Pre-intermediate
You have just arrived on the beautiful Caribbean island of Fortuna as the new manager ...

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