English ID Starter Student's Book

English ID is a fun, engaging four-level series for adults and young adults with an
emphasis on speaking both accurately and fluently.
Tom Abraham, Andy Baxter, Cris Gontow, Carol Lethaby, Jose Luiz Morales, Luiz Otávio Barros, Ray Shoulder, Ricardo Sili, Pamela Vittorio, Paul Seligson (Series Author)

Combined Student's Book and Workbook 
5 core units and optional video lesson 
Each unit opens with a double-page picture spread which features the main vocabulary from the unit 
Song lines with a direct link to each lesson illustrate grammatical points, lexis or themes in a fun and memorable way 
'Make it Personal' sections teach students to use the language they have learnt in a personal and meaningful way 
'Common Mistakes' boxes highlight common errors and ensure that students avoid mistakes throughout the class 
Audio scripts with tasks to help with pronunciation are included at the end of each level

For Students  Starter  Level 1 Level 2  Level 3
Student’s & Workbook  9786070607776  ----  ----  ----
Student’s Book  ----  9786070607615  9786070607639  9786070607653
Workbook  ----  9786070607622  9786070607646  9786070607660
eWorkbook  9788466831710  9788466831680  9788466831741  9788466831734
Split Editon  Starter  Level 1 Level 2  Level 3
Student’s & Workbook  ---- A 9786070607783
B 9786070607790
A 9786070607806
B 9786070607813
A 9786070607820
B 9786070607837
For Teachers  Starter  Level 1 Level 2  Level 3
Teacher’s Book  9786070607714  9786070607752  9786070607721  9786070607738
Class CD  7506009836716  7506009836730  7506009839137  7506009839076
DVD (ID Café)  7506009836723  7506009836747  7506009836761  7506009836785
Digital Book CD-ROM  9786070607899  9786070607882  9786070607905  9786070607912
Download contents page to view the course syllabus. You can also download a free sample unit to try in your classroom

Components  Sample Unit  Contents
Student’s Book  sample-unitStarter sample-unitLevel 1   sample-unitStarter sample-unitLevel 1
sample-unitLevel 2 sample-unitLevel 3
Workbook  sample-unitLevel 1  sample-unitLevel 1
Teacher’s Book  sample-unitLevel 1  sample-unitLevel 1
DVD ID Café  sample-unitLevel 1 sample-unitLevel 2
sample-unitLevel 3
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